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Data removal with US Department of Defense data destruction standard

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Run iSecure app from Applications folder.

Select the files/folders to delete and move them to Trash.

Click proceed button. Wait. Done!

Got more files to delete ? It might take longer!

Hard Disk Drives (Mechanical)

External HDDs (Mechanical)

USB Drives

Solid State Drives


Due to the differences in how flash-based drives read and write data (versus traditional magnetic media hard drives), it is not recommended to use iSecure or any other traditional hard drive wiping method on flash-based drives. At this time, there does not seem to be a reliable method via software to erase data from flash-based drives. The best advice is to encrypt your drive, which can help provide some measure of protection for your data. However, if iSecure finds that a file is located on a SSD, the file will only be erased once to prevent unnecessary overwriting.

Read our published research paper to get detailed technical answer.

iSecure is all about providing privacy and security. No personal data is read, stored or manipulated on your macOS device when using iSecure.

Refer to iSecure Help Manual.

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